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Getting to know me professionally.

My Background & Experience.

Welcome; My name is Bethany J Chabot. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from Keene State College 1999. I continued my education and later attended MacIntosh College in Dover, NH 2004. Successfully completing my certificate for Massage Therapy and Bodywork with the highest of honors at a 4.0 of which I want on to pass my Board Exams for both National and State Licensing Requirements. I pride myself in maintaining both though it is no longer a state requirement to hold National level licensing. We are held to high standards with continuing education requirements, luckily I love to learn and further enrich my skill set.  You can imagine how many courses I've taken in the years since first practicing to date of professional experience to uniquely carve out my niche in my career.    

 I’m a passionate facilitator of healing with an Innately Integrative approach to massage, bodywork, and energy therapies. While also honoring your whole self Mind Body and Spirit using a focused combination of modalities to achieve therapeutic change based on your bodies bio feed back that day. 

In part of my learning journey I have also studied energy therapies and sound healing. I am currently incorporating these powerful resources to tap into a deeper sense of the power to use them. These therapies are achieving but not limited to, seeing elevated levels of relaxation, heightened awareness, stronger sense of grounding and centering and re-balancing your chakras and for a higher  sense of self. 

I have been Practicing out of Family Chiropractic of Merrimack since 2007, seeing clients by appointment only and by word of mouth since. I am humbled by the longevity and loyalties I am blessed with from my clientele. I added a twist to my career and for a little over 6 years now I have been taking private profile contracted work expanding my professional world and reigniting my passion and love for my craft. Each experience has allowed me to thrive while enhancing my professional development to be as well rounded a practitioner as possible. Tapping into the best version of me if you will. 

In addition to my professional education I also am a wellness advocate. I focus on networking the right team to help you achieve your optimal wellness, by pairing you with other resources that I feel match your potential needs. What you do with them from there is strictly up to you. I have over 12 years experience as a Chiropractic Assistant and Office Manager for Chiropractic, I picked up a thing or two working with some of the industries leading DC's in the state of NH and New England. I have an extensive skill set with the many benefits of essential oils, including inviting oils into your life and home. As well as vast general knowledge on natural solutions for not only yourself and your family, but your homestead as well. I also bring to the table a personal close to home, I can relate to pain cycles with my own journey having a current broken lumbar vertebrae which put me on a path to a better whole self of which I continue to improve yearly.  I achieved an Instructor Certification to teach Barre workouts as this was one addition I personally saw great gains in my strength and body maintenance to stabilize my spine and improve my overall health. I offer workshops from time to time with fellow small businesses that collaborate most of the above mentioned, but not limited too. Watch for exclusive offerings presented in partnership with my Tribe! We have the most fun in balancing fun and wellness. Thank you for your continued support. 

Please Note: I try to integrate new clients into my practice when I can. Space is limited and I am not always accepting new clients.  New clients are by referral only, please ask to be put on the wait list for consideration along with your referrals name.

My Mission & Intention.

Innately Integrative Massage & Energy Therapy using a multitude of  Wellness  Modalities Uniquely sequenced for each individuals current bio feedback to achieve optimal therapeutic cellular change.

I intend to bring 100% to your session each and every time to deliver and cater to your expectations and goals for the session, as well as what your body is stating that it needs. You will never receive the exact same massage twice. I will always care for you with the highest ethical, moral, and professional standards. I am approachable and expect an open communication relationship to best address your comfort and safety each visit and your body will never be the same each time you are scheduled. It is important to let me know of any health changes so that I may stay 100% complaint on my mission to helping your body respond innately to heal itself from within, to its best potential. Thank you for trusting me with your self-care. I look forward to continuing our journey together. In love Light and Health, B


Education & Experience

Professional Organizations & Recognition

It brings me great pride to stay compliant and current in my career allowing me to keep you safe and healthy while in my care. I have not only completed the requirements mentioned above for schooling and initial licencing board procedures; I am proud to state I have completed well over 400 credit hours for continuing education mostly required CEU's. Though I love learning so some are just for fun and adding depth to my craft. 


February 01, 2007 to present.
Officially Re-Branded 2020

Click the logo for more information on the graphic designer Lauren Miller who created this Kick Ass Logo for my relaunch. 

  Practicing since 2005 I started as an employee to learn the do's and don'ts.

Bethany Chabot, LMT 444 Hands
Innately Integrative Massage & Energy Therapy

National Licensing Number 439142-00
State of NH Current Licensing M7144

March 2018

Voted by my amazing clientele best of ...

Best thing we forgot to ask: BEST

Best Massage Therapist 

Bethany Chabot at Bethany Chabot Massage Therapy  

By Angie Sykeny


Bethany Chabot always knew she had the magic touch. Growing up, she became famous in her family for giving the best massages. Massage therapy is her calling, she said, and not a day goes by that she doesn’t love her work at her private practice in Merrimack, connected to Family Chiropractic of Merrimack & Wellness Center.  

Chabot started her career in graphic design, but upon being offered a voluntary layoff she decided to pursue her first passion, massage therapy. After a year of massage therapy training by day and bartending by night, she received her certification and started working out of a chiropractic office on the Seacoast, where she stayed for a couple of years before relocating to her current job. She’s been there for the last 11 years. 

“It’s something innate inside me, something I was meant to do,” she said. “Once I was able to take the opportunity to do it, there was no looking back. Every year since then has been a new journey.” 

Chabot’s clientele includes runners with running-related injuries, office workers with shoulder and neck pain and tightness and people interested in health and wellness. 

“I love helping people achieve their optimal wellness through the power of massage therapy,” Chabot said. “I want people to see that massage isn’t just a luxury or something in a spa setting … or a kind of reactive care. It’s beneficial to incorporate it into regular, everyday health care so that you can be proactive and keep yourself from getting injured in the first place.” 

Chabot sees 15 to 20 clients a week but is in the process of expanding her hours to accommodate more clients. There’s currently an eight- to 12-week waitlist to get an appointment with her. 

“It’s a problem, but a good problem to have,” she said. “I’ve been told it’s worth the wait.” 

When Chabot meets with a new client, she talks with them about their concerns to determine what kind of massage will benefit them. She does a variety, including musculoskeletal release, neuromuscular, deep tissue, myofascial release, reiki, cupping, trigger point and acupuncture, and massage incorporating essential oils. 

Before beginning the massage, Chabot closes her eyes and performs a scan of the body with her hands. 

“I have to learn each person’s body, because every body is different,” she said. “Closing my eyes allows me to really immerse myself in the body’s energy and the way it feels, and to let the body talk to me through my hands.” 

Clients can opt for a 60-, 75- or 90-minute session and typically return once a month. At the end of each session, Chabot will share personalized tips with the client about how they can continue the care on their own with things like epsom salt soaks, essential oils, proper hydration and stretches. 

As for winning the “Best” title as Best Massage Therapist in the Hippo Best of’s Best Thing We Forgot to Ask About category, Chabot said she feels blessed to have such a loyal clientele. 

“There’s a level of trust when someone puts their body on my table. It’s a relationship and a partnership,” she said. “I’m honored that my clients have that kind of trust in me, and that they felt like I deserved their vote.”

Bethany Chabot Massage Therapy

2018_WINNER BADGE_Blue.png

Practitioner for the Arts.

October of  2013 to Current

I have been blessed through word of mouth networking to have had opportunities to work as a private contracted massage therapist and body worker with preforming arts behind the scenes. We are hired to keep the artists going on for the show. Those who utilize this service is vast, from the circus to theater, music of all kinds and everything in between.  I am humbled with every unique experience and feel rejuvenated only fueling my passion even more. I am honored to enable everyone to be at their optimal best by connecting them with my craft on a cellular and energetic level, allowing their bodies natural ability innate to heal itself.  I had one client tell me, that the session was so powerful they felt it went beyond their receiving it and was going to bring joy to the next audiences for months to come. Which brought me to tears in later reflection. I am truly in a full circle of appreciation and love, I have loved the preforming arts entertainment of all kinds as long as I can remember.  You see a side note, for me; to be able to give back is one of my root foundation principals. We came from a strong ass mother who did right by us and the best she could with the hand we were dealt. I have worked hard for every thing I know to be true in my life and that is all thanks to the woman who raised me, in turn it made me the woman I am today. So for me to have the opportunity to come full circle and give back to another generation of entertainers and preforming artist with my professional skill set is nothing short of karma. I truly believe the universe can provide.


This said, should you find the schedule blocked from time to time this is most likely the reason, though I choose to leave it at that for this topic of discussion please and thank you for your courtesy.  

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