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Frequently Asked Questions

  Your Questions, Answered

Hello and welcome to where you can find answers to the most common topics of discussion and questions when exploring the world of 444 Hands.

You will find drop down pages under the FAQ Menu TAB to click on for the topics of

Massage and Bodywork Therapy

Reiki Healing Energy

Sound Bath Meditation

Barre the workout

 The products I primarily utilize in all my crafts to level up your experience.   


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Are you accepting New Clients?

You are considered an active and approved client if you have been on the schedule in the past four years. If you have not been in since my re-branding, you must fill out updated client forms. Do not hesitate to contact me prior to booking to be sure. Please note that I do not accept walk ins. I am a private sole practitioner by appointment only. I have been blessed with a loyal clientele base whom have been with me for years. Therefore I can accept new clients as capacity allows and new clients will be by referral only. That said, there maybe be a long wait, up to but not limited to a year before you can schedule in as a brand new client. I have been told the wait is worth it, so be sure to get on the wait list by emailing me directly.  Otherwise note if you have not been in to see me in the past ,your appointment may not be accepted and/or canceled with any monies returned in full of course at this time, this may change in the future and I will edit this section accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding. 

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