Mandatory Client Online Forms

Please be sure to fill out one of each of these forms prior to booking services. The forms all have preset sections to fill in the PDF forms. You can view and utilize these several ways, including the PDF VIEW right here on the website.

Otherwise have Adobe Reader installed in your computer or Lap Top it is a free install. YouTube can help you should you need help with this step. I promise filling them out is easy once you have access. Should you still need more help click here. Please NOTE THAT THESE FORMS MUST BE USED with The Adobe Reader/Editor App for your personal devices. Helpful YouTube guides here forms on iPad/iPhone  Android Other/ALL.

Completed forms can be emailed in ONE EMAIL to once complete. If you are an existing client you will of already had these emailed to you prior to notification of this new website. New persons interested in booking should check in to see if I am able to take on a new client, note at this time I am at capacity. 


Use PDF's to sign: For the more tech savvy folk.


Click the PDF ICON to open in Adobe Reader to edit. Otherwise use the reader embedded in the web page. The Intake Diagram is not editable directly in the page view version unless you click on the down load icon next to the print Icon.  

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